This year we partnering with 1Mission to build homes for those in need in Rocky Point, Mexico. From February 21st - 24th (Rodeo Break), we will come together to think beyond ourselves and give something more, because these peoples stories matter. This is a truly life changing trip and we would love to have you come serve with us!

The $275 cost of this trip is meant to be paid for through fundraising.  Tools to help with this can be found in the profile you create upon registration.

Registration for this trip is now closed

  • To view or download the packing list for this trip, CLICK HERE.

  • To make further payments, find tools for fundraising, track your fundraising progress, or see your trip checklist, log into your personalized TRIP PAGE on Focus Missions.

  • If you still need to turn in copies of release forms, copies of passports, or copies of insurance cards, you can upload those right on your trip page (see link above).

  • All participants must have a valid Passport or US Passport Card to participate in this trip. If you need to obtain one, please visit for more information. Passports must be obtained by January 27th, 2019 to attend this trip.

  • This trip also includes three MANDATORY training dates on January 27th, February 10th and February 17th from 12:30-3:30pm in the Cholla building. Lunch will be provided.

HOW TO RAISE SUPPORT - Fundraising Tips & Resources

If you're a student wondering how to pay for this trip, fear not!!  You are going to Mexico to build houses for people in need, and there are tons of people here at home that would love to be a part of that by donating funds to go towards your trip!  All you have to do is invite them to be a part of it in that way!
The new program we are using, Focus Missions (where you registered and set up an account) provides tools specifically to help you raise funds!  You can find that on your TRIP PAGE!

  • 1Mission is the incredible organization that we partner with to make this trip happen. We encourage you to check out their site to get a feel for what they're about and maybe even find some inspiration under the Campaign section!

  • Part of a Small Group? Teaming up with your group to do something together to raise funds, is an awesome way to work together and hit your goal!

  • It's important for you to know we've never seen a situation where someone puts in the work and doesn't hit their goal. Whether it's $200 or $4,000, money is no obstacle for God!

NOTE: For donations $250 and above, Casas Church will mail out receipts to donors.


This trip also includes three MANDATORY training dates on January 27th, February 10th and February 17th from 12:30-3:30pm in the Cholla building.  Lunch will be provided at these trainings.

We will meet in the Cholla building at Casas Church at 6:30am on Thursday, February 21st. We will be crossing at the Lukeville/Sonoita border. This is typically a very smooth process, sometimes requiring students to walk their bags across the border. 1Mission has a very good relationship with the border and rarely encounters any problems. We will then be driving straight to Rocky Point. We will be staying at 1Mission's Base Camp throughout the week. Each day, we will be building multiple homes in the outer part of Rocky Point. We will ensure students receive plenty of food, water, and sunscreen during this time. We will typically be traveling between our building site and the base camp only, although we may take the students to a local grocery store or venture down to the beach for a special occasion. Students will never be unsupervised anytime during the trip. We hope to finish the homes Saturday or Sunday morning, at which time we'll have a small ceremony. We will depart for home Sunday late morning or early afternoon. When crossing the border, your student will likely be asked to walk through the crossing and provide the US Border Patrol with their Passport or Passport Card. We will hold on to students' Passports throughout the week and hand them back to them only when crossing. We should arrive back to the church late Sunday.

If you have questions about the details of the trip, please contact Ezra Hagberg at Thank you!


We will do our best to provide an accurate return time for February 25th. We plan on leaving Rocky Point around 3pm Sunday. As you may know, it's one of the busiest weekends of the year down there, so let's factor about an hour wait time at the border, plus another 30 for walking through with our passports. That means if we left at 3pm, we'd probably cross the border around 5:30pm. Once we cross the border, I estimate we'll arrive at Casas three and a half hours later. That puts us home at approximately 9:00pm. We will update our Facebook page when we depart Rocky Point and once we've crossed the border.  We'll provide final estimated arrival after our stop in Sells, AZ. Please note: We will do our best to update Facebook periodically, but it will be limited while we are on the Mexico side of the border, based on when we may or may not have wifi access. 

Salt Facebook Page:
Instagram:  @SaltCasas
Twitter: @SaltCasas

In case of emergency, please call 1Mission at (480) (205-5725). They will then ensure we are notified and have your student contact you as soon as possible.