Permits For Casas Church Parking Lot

The parking lot at Casas Church is typically used for staff and guests visiting with appointments. That being said, we're glad to have IRHS students parking here during school, but you must have a permit. Otherwise, your car could get the boot. The good news is we're fairly cheap!  Also, please don't speed through our lot or drive recklessly. Doing so may result in your permit being revoked and car banned from the property.  That is something we do have to take very seriously, especially due to a preschool and k-8 school being on this campus.

Make sure to please park in the B1, B2 and B3 sections of our large parking lot ONLY (see picture above). This makes traffic flow easier for everyone on campus and provides you with a little exercise to start your day as you walk to the path. Thank you!


Why Do We Require Permits? Several Reasons...

1. PRIVATE PROPERTY - This is private property used by a church for many different purposes. We have events on campus throughout the week that use different areas of the parking lot. We also have a school here with little bitty kids running around. You don't know what events are going on when, so we need to be able to track who's parking here and why. 

2. LIABILITY - If something happens on this lot, we could be liable. It's the world we live in. Full of liabilities.  Therefore, to allow you to park here, we must have you agree that we are not liable if something happens. This means you can't come and say, "I didn't see that curb there and it totaled my car! This is all your fault, Casas!" As ridiculous as it sounds, that happens. So we have to get your agreement to not blame Casas/curbs/trees/etc. This also means we are officially telling you: DO NOT SPEED ON OUR PROPERTY. PLEASE. AND THANK YOU.

3. CAPACITY - I appreciate some of you thinking, "I'll just park over here so no one knows I'm from Ironwood," but we know. It's not about where (see PRIVATE PROPERTY above). We need you to park in sections B1, B2 and B3 sections of our large parking area, which has a lot more room, but we still need to keep it under control. We just can't have everyone and their mom (sorry moms) parking here. So we charge for permits to keep numbers under control. 

Make sense? We hope so, but feel free to email us at with any other questions.