Permits For Casas Church Parking Lot

We here at Casas Church are happy to offer parking permits to Ironwood Ridge High School students throughout the school year. We have a large designated area for students to park in, our permits are affordable, and our lot is only a short walk to the school.

We do have a few rules and stipulations in order to park here. The first is that every car must have its own parking permit. This is private property and for many reasons, we need to be able to track who and how many students are parking in our lot. Cars that park without a permit could be booted and removed so be sure to keep your permit visible on your dash. Second, it is very important that students who park here do not speed and are mindful when driving in the lot. There is a k-8 school here and we must be careful to never endanger children, parents, or other cars with reckless driving. If your car is observed to be speeding or driving erratically, it could result in us revoking your permit for the semester without a refund.

Our designated areas for student parking are B1, B2, or B3 only (see picture above). Thank you!


More Information and Reminders

1. PRIVATE PROPERTY - This is private property used by a church for many different purposes. We have events on campus throughout the week that use different areas of the parking lot as well as small children running around. We require permits to ensure we know who is parking on our campus for safety and to control how many students park here. Thank you for respecting our permit rule. Also, campus hours are 6:30 am until 10 pm and exceptions cannot be made.

2. LIABILITY - In order to park here, you must sign a non-liability agreement. This means if something happens while parking on our campus including but not limited to: hitting a curb you did not see or a median or tree, you are accepting all liability and Casas will not be held responsible. To assist with this, we ask again that you do not speed or drive recklessly on our property.

3. DESIGNATED SECTIONS - We know this is a large lot but we ask that all students park in our designated areas: sections B1, B2 and B3 of our parking area. Parking outside the designated areas could result in us revoking your permit for the semester without a refund.

4. FLEXIBLE PRICING - We offer flexible pricing on our permits including paying per semester and different prices if permits are purchased near the end of a semester versus the beginning. All information is on our parking permit link above.

5. REVOKED PERMITS - If for any reason your parking permit is revoked, you will be able to reapply the following semester but no refund will be issued for the revoked permit.

Make sense? We hope so, but feel free to email us at with any other questions.