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This year we're providing students with an opportunity to bring their high school friends who are not connected to any church and have not previously attended a trip with us on Refuel for 50% off the normal price. So instead of the normal $200, it would be just $100 for this whole trip!  Our goal is to give those who might typically be hesitant about going on a "church trip" the chance to feel welcomed and to experience our Salt community. If you'd like to bring a friend, we ask that you fill out the attached form on their behalf. This means you may need to gather some information from them. Once submitted, Salt staff will look over the application and notify your friend if accepted. Due to limited space, all applicants may not be able to attend this trip.   CLICK HERE to fill out the Sincerely Salt application form.

We hope your friends are able to come on this awesome trip. We look forward to meeting them.

Sincerely, Salt